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Clearly People by David Collins

Nobay Apartments in Lakeland, FL is proud to host one of the locations for David Collins- Clearly People Exhibit. He has placed two fairies on the corner of Kentucky Ave and Bay St. be sure to stop by and check it out!

Per David Collins Facebook Posts: The exoskeletal figures and grouped scenes are designed to entertain, cause interaction and provoke thought. There are 24 scenes containing 32 human castings, 1 alien casting, 2 pixies, 2 unborn babies, 7 swans, a giant tube of paint, a dozen fish and a bunch of ballons. The Installation was funded by the LDDA, Lakeland Downtown Development Authority, Midflorida Spring Obsession, LkldTV, and Broadway Real Estate Services. Figures are made from multiple coats of packaging tape to create clear exoskeletons. 24 models were used, they were, Aaron M Corbitt Alex Keaton, Ashley Holstein, Benjamin Braden, Brian Nash, Brooke Babicz Agnini, Daniel Gilbert, David Collins, Devin Dickey, Devin Hamilton, Holly Lewis, Jered Allen, Joan Peterson, Julie Phillips, Keith Maximillion Williams, Kimberly Campbell Wyant, Larry Barsotti, Lily Hardwick, Linda Whitfield Malzone, Meredith Pope, Monica Drake Pierce, Teia Day, Tim Haas Artistry and Tricia Gathwright

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Jan 20