Miss Florida moves into Nobay

Nobay Apartments in Lakeland, FL teamed up with Miss Florida (Courtney Sexton) in the short clip below done by LKLDTV, she speaks about her living the Downtown lifestyle. She speaks about the ease of walking to get coffee or dinner. Miss. Florida is definitely enjoying the urban feel of Nobay Apartments.

 “Both Broadway Real Estate and NOBAY believe in the importance of giving back to our community, with all of our principals playing major leadership roles in various Lakeland civic organizations,” said Matt Clark, president of Broadway Real Estate, the developers of NOBAY. “We also believe in the importance of a vibrant urban core and tirelessly expend energy and funds into our amazing downtown organizations and the future growth and development of Downtown Lakeland.  We believe hosting Miss Florida at NOBAY will further expand these efforts and allow Miss Florida to help promote all the great things happening in and around our Lakeland community.”


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Jan 3